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One of the best things about having a personal blog is that one day you can blog about something silly and trivial like programming tips and the next day blog about something serious like zombies. Despite all the warnings about the impending zombie apocalypse, there is still too little being done to educate people. Thank goodness the good folks at AMC have stepped up to produce some quality zombie apocalypse programming. This is not the usual zombie tripe filled with conjecture and hearsay. This is based on research by professional zombieologist Robert Kirkman. AMC has greenlit The Walking Dead as a six-episode series which began filming back in June. The special 90-minute premiere airs on Halloween, Sunday Oct. 31 at 10/9c.

Needless to say, the zombie apocalypse community is quite excited. A tweet from fellow zombie enthusiast @k_to_the_t drew my attention to this magnificent piece. Daniel Kanemoto from Ex Mortis Films has created his own interpretation of the series opening using The Walking Dead artwork by Charlie Adlard & Tony Moore.

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