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Illustrations by Grandpa Charlie

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

My grandfather didn’t live long enough to see the advent of the internet and even if he had, I doubt he would have cared for it much. He didn’t even like having a TV. He was a stone mason and loved to work with his hands, but he was also very creative, innovative, and an entrepreneur. He patented a new type of plaster he called “durostone” and started his own plastering company. As a kid, I loved to visit the house he built because it was unique in many ways. He created a steer skull design with huge horns in plaster over the garage door and the posts in the basement were plastered to look like tree trunks. Before his plastering career, he served in the Army. He also enjoyed sketching and doodling. My dad helped me track down a couple scans. So for the first time ever on the internet, enjoy some sketches by my grandpa Charlie!

Grandpa Charlie


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Panoramas from Israel

Monday, November 8th, 2010

I’m about to lower the quality of the content on my site by posting some photos of my own. I took these back in September 2008 on a tour of Israel. I didn’t really do anything fancy here. I took each shot by hand, moving the camera a bit each time and then merged them when I got back with Photoshop. They still need to be touched up but for the most part, I think they came out alright. I’ve scaled them down quite a bit from the originals to make them easier to view in a browser.

Israel Panorama

Looking east over Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives


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Your Son is a Liar

Friday, September 17th, 2010

LiarToday I’m doing something different. I’ve created a new blog category called “Notes to Mom & Dad” just to have a place to reflect on my past and tell some of my ridiculously pointless life stories. Today’s story comes to you from 1986 – my teenage years. We took a family trip to San Diego that summer. I’m usually horrible with dates but this one is easy to remember because when we got there, we bought t-shirts that said “San Diego ’86” on them and wore them everywhere. All the pictures we took from that trip say exactly when and where we are on our chests. Honestly, I wish we had done that more often because we traveled a lot and I can never figure out when or where we are in our insanely huge collection of photos. But I digress…


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