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God of the Broken by Dan Stevers

You wouldn’t have to know me long to figure out I’m a broken person and I don’t mean broken in some spiritual sense that implies a humble and submissive spirit. I mean broken like my Dyson DC16 handvac – it plain don’t work. Sure, all the pieces are still there and yes it has the potential to be the most powerful dirt-lifting device ever imagined by man, but all it is now is an oddly shaped lump of plastic taking up space on my counter top. It would be nice to just walk over there, grab him and give him a firm and rigorous shaking and shout “Damn you Dyson! Look at what you’ve become! Pull yourself together man! Reach down deep inside and find the strength to get yourself back in working order! Make yourself great again!” However, I have little hope this strategy will have any effect. No. As humiliating as it may be for him, he is going to have to be disassembled, placed back in his styrofoam molds, and shipped back to the factory where the good folks who know him inside and out can diagnose his malfunction, clean or replace any faulty parts, and set him back on the path of dirt-lifting greatness. The good news for me is there happens to be a factory for broken people too. His name is Jesus. I really enjoyed this short video by Dan Stevers highlighting a few examples of the broken people whose lives crossed paths with their creator.

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