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Say Hi – “One, Two, One…”

They say “there is no accounting for taste” and there are few better examples of this than the music videos I post on this blog. I can’t even really define what it is I like about this one. It’s the video for the song “One, Two, One…” by Say Hi from the album “Oohs & Aahs”. Whenever I hear the song (I’ve got the album in my iTunes library), it gets stuck in my head. The video is fun and well made although in my opinion the framing is a bit too tight which occasionally makes me feel uncomfortable but I have personal space issues. And I’m not sure why it was filmed in super wide screen. It may have been the intention of director Drew Norton to portray perhaps along with the tight framing a sense of inescapability, but if that were the case, it shouldn’t have been filmed in a spacious wide open field. Perhaps it’s the contrasts in these themes I find intriguing. In any case, I wanted to post it here to keep it handy and see if any one else has any opinions on it.

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