Illustrations by Andreas Zafiratos

May 19th, 2011

Hello friends. Today the cool is back with some illustrations by Andreas Zafiratos aka albino-Z. Andreas hails from Greece and studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens. I’ve complied some illustrations mostly from his “Nightmares in Rust” series. I love the juxtaposition of light and shadow, the ordinary and the horrific, the mundane and the unimaginable. All that and they’re just plain cool. Check them out.

Nightmares in Rust


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Tracktor Bowling Unplugged – IRU.TV

March 4th, 2011

Tracktor Bowling — сегодня один из самых ярких музыкальных коллективов на российской альтернативной сцене. Группа образовалась в 1996 году, но первый полноценный альбом вышел через целых шесть лет — в 2002. Основная «изюминка» коллектива — женский вокал вместе с очень тяжелым гитарным звучанием. Тексты — на русском языке. На сегодняшний день музыкальный стиль группы можно охарактеризовать так: современная тяжелая гитарная рок-музыка. Гремучая смесь самых актуальных мировых музыкальных направлений.

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Matte Paintings by Frank Hong

March 2nd, 2011

Today I bring you the concept art and matte paintings of Frank Hong. Frank is a freelance artist based out of Toronto Canada. His work has been featured in various publications including Imaginary Friends Studios and Imagine-FX. He is currently working on various game developments and feature film productions.

Frank Hong


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Eye of the Storm – Ben Lovett

February 20th, 2011

Check out this brilliant music video for “Eye of the Storm” by artist Ben Lovett from his soon to be released album “Highway Collection”. Director Chris Alender and producer Kris Eber of Soapbox Films describe the project as “the story of a lonely captain who has to unshackle himself from a troublesome past in order to move on to the next chapter in his life.” I recommend you watch it fullscreen. The visuals are truly stunning. There’s also a behind the scenes video if you’re interested in how it was made.

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Rouleaux Art by Anastassia Elias

February 16th, 2011

I always feel a little sad every time I discard an empty toilet paper roll. Art class was always one of my favorites as a child and there were so many fun things you could do with those. Apparently French painter/artist Anastassia Elias feels the same way. She’s transformed those discarded rolls into a marvelous collection of beautiful little scenes! She uses manicure scissors to cut shapes from sheets of paper the same color as the roll, giving the illusion that the paper figures are part of the roll. She then uses tweezers to manipulate and position the shapes. She must have steady hands and a lot of patience! I’m glad someone finally had the inspiration to rescue these sad discarded rolls and transform them into little treasures.

Anastassia Ellis Rouleaux Art


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God of the Broken by Dan Stevers

February 12th, 2011

You wouldn’t have to know me long to figure out I’m a broken person and I don’t mean broken in some spiritual sense that implies a humble and submissive spirit. I mean broken like my Dyson DC16 handvac – it plain don’t work. Sure, all the pieces are still there and yes it has the potential to be the most powerful dirt-lifting device ever imagined by man, but all it is now is an oddly shaped lump of plastic taking up space on my counter top. It would be nice to just walk over there, grab him and give him a firm and rigorous shaking and shout “Damn you Dyson! Look at what you’ve become! Pull yourself together man! Reach down deep inside and find the strength to get yourself back in working order! Make yourself great again!” However, I have little hope this strategy will have any effect. No. As humiliating as it may be for him, he is going to have to be disassembled, placed back in his styrofoam molds, and shipped back to the factory where the good folks who know him inside and out can diagnose his malfunction, clean or replace any faulty parts, and set him back on the path of dirt-lifting greatness. The good news for me is there happens to be a factory for broken people too. His name is Jesus. I really enjoyed this short video by Dan Stevers highlighting a few examples of the broken people whose lives crossed paths with their creator.

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Fantasy Art by Wangli Feimo

February 7th, 2011

No one seems to know much about Wangli (or Wang Li) Feimo other than that she is from China and her art is pretty fantastic. It kind of reminds me of the Dynasty Warriors video game series by Koei which, thanks to the fact I watched the movie Red Cliff this weekend, I finally understand what the heck was going on in those games. It was a great movie and this is some pretty great fantasy art. Enough said.

Wangli Feimo Fantasy Art


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